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Blanc Box

Box of 4 Self Adhesive Wreath Hangers

Box of 4 Self Adhesive Wreath Hangers

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Instructions for Usage of Hook:

To be mounted only on smooth surface for optimum performance. 

It can be used indoor or covered outdoor locations. 

For long term usage, recommended load weight is up to 8 lbs.

To Mount Hook-

1. Clean Surface- Ensure the area is free from any dirt and allow it to dry completely. 
2. Detach Protective Film- Peel and remove the protective film at the back of the hook film. 
3. Mount Hook- Position hook and apply pressure on entire hook film firmly for 30 seconds. Ensure there are no air bubbles.
4. Wait- To ensure best performance please wait for 3 hours before adding anything to hook. 

To Remove Hook-

1. Peel Tip off Hook Film- Gently peel off the tip of the hook film. 
2. Remove Hook- Pull and remove the hook from the top to bottom.
3. Do NOT Pull the Hook- Do not attempt to remove hook film by pulling the hook. It will damage it.

4. Put Back Protective Film- If not in use, paste the protective film back to the hook film. 



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