What comes in a Blanc Box?

Each Blanc Box includes specialty silk florals, a variety of decorative fillers, specialty ornaments, boxed ornaments, three different styles of designer ribbon, floral wire, ribbon cutting scissors, a tape measure, and a tutorial video teaching you how to decorate like a designer and walking you through each step.


How do I know what to do with the product boxes when they arrive?

Each tree, ribbon trio, flock, and evergreen Blanc Box come with a video tutorial that gives you step by step instructions teaching you how to accomplish the designer look you desire.


How do I know what size Blanc Box to purchase?

Blanc Box offers three different size boxes for tree, flock, and evergreen box. The smallest box is The Gold, the medium size is The Premium, and the largest size is The Lux.  

 Depending on your tree size and how simple or over the top you like your décor, that will determine which size Blanc Box you will want to purchase. For reference, we used The Premium sized Blanc Box on a 7.5 ft. tree in our photos.