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Blanc Box

Golden Petite Blanc Box

Golden Petite Blanc Box

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The Golden Petite Blanc Box Includes:

(6) 27" Gold Glittered Leaf Spray
(4) 30" Evergreen and Gold Spray
(4) 32" Gold Berry Cluster Spray
(1) Tinsel Border Ribbon
(1) 4" x 10yds Metallic Floral Garland, Gold
(1) 2.5" x 10yds Velvet Petite Jewel Edge, Winter White
(8) 31" Glittered Metallic Berry Spray
(3) 120MM Beaded/Glitter Ball, Box Of 2
(2) 150MM Glitter Bead Ball Ornament, Box Of 2

A Supply Bag That Includes Scissors, Floral Wire, And Tutorial Link 

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